Voluntary Membership Dues Deduction

The Committee of Thirteen has moved to advance a legislative option to amend Article 7, Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 356.91 Voluntary Membership Dues Deduction, of the Omnibus Public Employees Pension Bill to include the Teachers Retirement Association in addition to MSRS and PERA as follows (line numbers removed):

Upon written authorization of a person receiving an annuity from a public pension fund administered by the Minnesota State Retirement System or the Public Employees Retirement Association or the Teachers Retirement Fund Association, the executive director of the public pension fund shall deduct from the retirement annuity an amount requested by the annuitant to be paid as membership dues or other payments to any labor organization that is an exclusive bargaining agent representing public employees or an organization representing retired  public employees of which the annuitant is a member and shall, on a monthly basis, pay  the amount to the organization so designated by the annuitant.                                    (new language)

MSRS and PERA were granted this option last year, but TRA was not included at that time, for reasons unknown. If this amendment should survive the steps of getting into law, it would mean that dues retirees pay, such as Retired Teachers Council, Local 59 (RTC59) dues, or contributions they make, such as Committee of Thirteen contributions, could be deducted from monthly TRA checks. Nibbles, but no big bites.

And it will only happen at the annuitant’s direction and request. It’s like becoming a supporting member.