Libertarian Economic Lobbying

Stanford’s Josh Rauh uses implication, exaggeration, and exceptions to paint the worst possible view of defined benefit plans. He incites younger workers to see DB plans as unfair to them because of employer’s future obligations. (However, he points out that the employer has no obligation to workers in a DC plan.) And he rattles his saber of economic doom to taxpayers as being on the hook for future obligations. (He neglects to point out that workers in a DB plan are paying taxes too, albeit of substantially lower salaries that private sector counterparts.) He saves his libertarian economic lobbying until the last lecture however. The lectures up to that point are informative for the individual investor, and usable for those looking at much riskier or less compensatory, supplemental investments for retirement savings. And he encourages viewers to lobby their state and local representatives.
Know your friends. Know your enemy better.