When lies are truth and opinion is fact


   Watch out! ALEC strikes again, as this ad snakes into the NYTimes. But wait! the largest number of teachers don’t affiliate with the AFT, but with the NEA. and many states don’t give teachers collective bargaining rights anyway! DISTORTION? Would any thinking person would accept the CUF’s argument on any grounds but anti-labor prejudice.

Check out the “Center for Union Facts.”
   “The Center for Union Facts is a secretive front group for individuals and industries opposed to union activities. It is part of lobbyist Rick Berman’s family of front groups including the Employment Policies Institute. The domain name
http://www.unionfacts.com was registered to Berman & Co. in May 2005.” (www.sourcewatch.org)
    “The Center for Union Facts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by foundations, businesses, union members, and the general public.” (
www.aftfacts.com) And one must wonder what union members support them. And how are they a tax-exempt charity? Berman gets a writ-off for this? Go IRS! It seems as if they want to pattern the AFT’s character after their own, since their “stock-in-trade is conflict, hostility, and distortion.”