This is life in the privatized pension lane

 It’s just about picking the right stocks. Right?

What does distributing risk look like? What do the fees actually cost over the 60 years between 25 and 85? Oh and then there’s the health savings account for you medical costs. Everyone will have to save for the average cost of medical care including end of life. Right? And there won’t be any downturns in investments ever again. Right?

Now let’s see how many dollars will it take 20 or 50 years from now? So I’ll need to save how much out of my checks? I don’t make that much yet. Shouldn’t my school district or university or the state have to pay this? Who benefits from my work, after all?


Matthew Lesser, a Connecticut state representative, sponsored a bill that would require more disclosures on conflicts of interest by those who sell 403(b)-type retirement plans.

Credit Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

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