Special Session Deadline Extended

The legislature continues to work, but progress is uncertain as of 8:30 this morning.

From Laurie Hacking, Exec. Dir. of TRA:

“The pension bill (SF 3) was finally posted late last night, however, it has not been voted on yet. It does NOT contain the TRA funding stability provisions but it does include TRA’s administrative provisions. The stability provisions and funding for the other systems (MSRS, PERA P&F and SPTRFA) are included in the bill.  The bill also contains labor-related provisions such as ratifying parental leave in the various state labor contracts, a measure that the governor supports. It also contains the controversial local preemption provision that bars local governments from adopting local ordinances governing wages and benefits provided by private employers. The governor previously vetoed the preemption bill and last night issued a statement indicating he intends to veto the pension/preemption bill (see below).  We will keep you posted as things unfold during the day.”

When all is said and done. Thank Governor Dayton and those legislators who have stood up for Minnesota’s state workers. They have been relentless in putting people before profits. That has been the great thing about Minnesota, and it must never be lost.