MN House Republicans Continue War on Teachers

Doing nothing to adjust the TRA fund now will compound the problems. The future costs will be much higher, and eventually, the People of Minnesota will be saddled with a whooping bill. The GOP seem to think that they are not responsible for fulfilling the terms of the State’s contract with its workers, especially those who teach our future generations of citizens. Perhaps they prefer to buy election support with tax breaks and refunds.
Here is the latest from Laurie Fiori Hacking, Executive Director, Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association keeping us informed from the Capitol:
“This evening the House voted 75 to 48 to approve SF 3, a scaled-down version of the pension bill that does not include TRA’s funding stability provisions but does include the funding stability measures for other systems (MSRS, PERA P&F and SPTRFA).  Most of the debate focused on the bill’s preemption and parental leave provisions, provisions which have caused the governor to declare he would veto the bill.
Rep. Mary Murphy (D-Hermantown) stated that the pension elements in the bill were not what had been passed in the regular legislative session nor by the Pension Commission.  Rep. Murphy characterized the process as “broken.”  House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman (D-Brooklyn Park) said there was no reason to tie the fate of pensions to the preemption issue. “