Who We Are

The Committee of 13 has represented MPS teachers since 1948

  • This voluntary organization represents both active and retired MPS staff who contribute to TRA
    • Teachers
    • Principals/Administrators
    • Social Workers and Counselors
    • School nurses
    • All licensed staff

The Committee of 13’s work is:

  • To advocate for pension improvements
  • To fight privatizing attacks on teacher pensions that are focused on the elimination of defined pension benefits
  • To lobby for a more realistic “normal retirement age” for active teachers who may currently face a retirement age of 66–67 (as the tasks of teaching grow more difficult)
  • The 2017 legislature is in session
  • The Committee of 13 ‘Watchdogs’ are focused on a fair solution to the TRA fund shortfall that resulted from:
    • Invested funds that earned less interest than expected during the recession years
    • The recipients of TRA funds living an average of 2-years longer than anticipated
  • The ‘Watchdogs’ are insisting on shared responsibility between retired and active members, as well as the employer (MPS District) contributions

Committee of 13 activities include:

  • Funding advocates to educate legislators about our positions on pension legislation
  • Making contributions to candidates for office who support our positions on pension issues, regardless of party affiliation
  • Communicating progress by the Committee of 13

Support needed for the Committee of 13

  • Contributions from active and retired educators are the only source of support for the Committee of 13
  • The Committee of 13 is the only organization that specifically works to maintain a voice for MPS educators in the state-wide TRA plan
  • Approximately 90% of the income goes to:
    • Funding lobbying efforts
    • Political contributions
    • Communication expenses
  • The remainder is used for fundraising, accounting, clerical and other basic operating expenses

Can the Committee of 13 count on you for a small contribution?

  • This has been a year of considerable political change; the Committee of 13 watchdogs will need to be vigilant in support of our interests
  • A small contribution to the Committee of 13 is an investment in defending your future TRA income
  • Please consider writing a check or having a contribution deducted from your paycheck
  • When we all contribute, much can be accomplished in this coming legislative session and the 2018 elections

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