What is the Committee of Thirteen?

Cof13, smallThe Committee of Thirteen is a registered political action committee in Minnesota. Long representing teachers and principals in the MTRFA, now merged into the Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association (TRA), we continue lobbying for retirement security for principals, teachers and education support personnel in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota. We work to secure and maintain a healthy system of retirement pensions for all Minnesota public employees.
Of equal importance to our constituents is our goal of education. As educators, we know that to be able to direct your own future, you must have access to information and expertise that can explain the political and economic complexities involved in public pension systems. The Committee of Thirteen is committed to helping teachers understand and participate in this valuable benefit to their fullest advantage.

We know how hard you work, and how hard and often thankless the work is. A lifetime of service to Minnesota’s education community deserves dignity in retirement and security advancing age.

Post Office Box 1414
Lakeville, MN 55044

See us on the Web at http://committeeof13.org
and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/committeeof13


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