Purpose statement

The Internet is a medium unique to the 21st century. It allows
communications which are virtually instantaneous and interactive. For current
teachers, the Internet is the primary or sole source of information. For some,
but certainly not all, retirees, the Internet is unfamiliar and unclear. Furthermore,
the rapidly changing landscape of the Internet challenges our adaptability and
should not be seen as a replacement for traditional media forms. Consequently,
the Internet has changed not only how we receive information but also changed
how we process that information, most especially how we trust what we see and
read – no matter its medium.
primary focus of the C of 13 Blog must be to effectively address our two
constituent groups: the retirees who depend upon their pensions and are more
willing to work to secure it, and the active teachers and principals who are
contributing from their paychecks into the retirement fund.

The groups have different perspectives on the pension fund and the messages sent to
them should be aligned with those perspectives. Yet our messages must be
consistent across both groups; they must never contradict one another. They
must also be well founded on the value to each group of the strength and
stability of the pension fund. What we say must be trustworthy, reasonable and
backed-up by evidence.

This must be accomplished in an age when truth is not the source of many messages
but rather the perceived truth derived from messages repeated loudly and often.